There is no need to reinvent the wheel, as resources are available free of charge. For example, avCA`s “open source” documents and The Fold`s startup kit are excellent plans for shareholder and share subscription contracts. AVCAL materials are slightly slanted with venture capitalists, but if they are tailored to include the safeguards you need, they can save time and money. A-Series shareholder`s agreements will ideally give creators enough flexibility to offer further investment cycles to key strategic partners – this can save valuable financial resources and focus on business development. Throughout the day and along the clauses are important when there are several seed investors (especially family and friends). These clauses are considered positive by venture capitalists because they allow them to force minority shareholders to sell. Perhaps you could also look at our thoughts on choosing a model agreement – 6 tips for choosing a model agreement Of course, even without these documents, investments are rarely documented “from scratch”. The precedent of a law firm or at least an “anonymized” agreement of the last similar transaction is often used and adapted. The downside is that most do not have access to these documents, unless they become a corporate customer for this transaction. The advantage is that a customer who hires the company and its documents attracts a certain level of comfort on the quality and adequacy of the previous one. Before the founders proceed with a capital increase, they should have their house in order.

Good governance and a good shareholder pact are essential. Many law firms, business networks and other organizations offer presentation documents tailored to seed investments and available on the internet. Due to the diversity and diversity of seed investment conditions, the BVCA does not specifically recommend which suite is best. In 2017, limited changes were made to the statutes and the reference agreement and to shareholders, including those that meet the requirements of the PSC register and the language of deferred and drag-along shares. They are part of similar projects in other legal systems such as: whatever the structure, early investors generally want to be involved in business decisions and preferential rights. The notes are converted into shares, when the milestone is reached and the step is not reached, the investor can cash the note and get his money back. Interest is paid on the face value of the note until the withdrawal or conversion takes place. After close collaboration with VCs and start-ups, we find that what is “balanced and pragmatic” can vary from VC to start-ups to VC or start-ups. What goes in your first project is important to give the sound. Even if you use a template, you need to think carefully about what it contains. Learn more about the fundraising and joint venture experience of our lawyers. These were written under the auspices of the Singapore Academy of Law and the Singapore Venture Capital and Private Equity Association.

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