Option 3 A capital contribution of a minimum value of 400,000 euros to a company headquartered or based in Greece for the acquisition of capital-increase shares or bonds allowed to trade in regulated markets or multilateral trading mechanisms operating in Greece. Option 2 A 10-year rental agreement for hotel accommodation or furnished apartments in accommodation complexes or a 10-year sharing agreement for hotel accommodation. Option 5 A capital contribution of a minimum value of 400,000 euros to a private investment company for the acquisition of shares or in a closed investment fund for the acquisition of shares, provided that the stakes in companies with their head office or their branches are in Greece. Option 4 A capital injection with a minimum value of 400,000 euros in a real estate investment company that will invest exclusively in Greece for the acquisition of shares in a capital increase. Option 8 Acquisition of SHARES worth EUR 400,000 from an investment fund established in Greece or another country that plans to invest in Greek equities, corporate bonds and/or government bonds. Climate A mostly Mediterranean climate with mild, humid and warm winters, dry summers. Free movement As a European country, Greek citizens can live, work and study in the 27 Member States of the European Union. The Greek passport is a powerful move, it ranks 8th in the world and offers visa-free access to 184 countries. High standards of education and health, combined with a 10-year tax exemption or low taxation on most income from non-Portuguese sources, make Portugal a popular Lifestyle choice With the eleventh longest coastline in the world and 227 inhabited islands, beach and sea activities are a central element of the Greek lifestyle; and with 80 percent of Greece`s Bergen (Olympus is the highest peak with 2,918 m). With its ancient civilization and cultural heritage, Greece offers many monuments, museums, relics, cultural events and activities. It has 18 UNESCO World Heritage sites.

It is a dynamic country with shops that are open until late in time, and a lot of life on the street. Greece has 320 days of sunshine a year and offers a relaxed lifestyle surrounded by friendly and welcoming people. Economy While Greece experienced the Greek crisis caused by the 2007-2009 recession, which left the country in a situation of high budget deficit and high public debt relative to GDP, the Greek economy, which is a developed and advanced high-income economy, is currently recovering from a ten-year recession.

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