We are pleased to inform you that negotiations for a new COLLECTIVE CONVENTION for PASS-Tech Ops are underway. Our negotiating teams began on Tuesday, April 5 with a joint interest-based training. Immediately after two days of training, the teams began their first negotiating session with an easier interest-based approach. If you don`t use PASSMember.net for your PASS Union email, send an email with the subject “E-mail PASS” to NationalOffice@passnational.org. Please include the following information in the text of the message: your name, chapter number, postal address and non-work-related contact email (i.e. no .gov or .mil addresses). If you have any questions, call your RVP or the National PASS Office. Thanks in advance, PASS Advice 1. Check the content of the new preliminary agreement for accuracy and consistency. 5. the organisation of a ratification vote for the new interim agreement.

While much remains to be done, we intend to begin sharing the strengths and significant changes of the new preliminary agreement as soon as we are able to complete this current work. We expect this work to be completed by July 27 and we should be able to share these important changes in the first week of August. Now that this matter has been resolved, we will contact the FAA to arrange for negotiations to resume negotiations for a mutually acceptable agreement. In a rational world, the FAA would read this decision and agree that it was time to return seriously to the negotiating table. However, in the FAA debate, rational thinking is rarely the deciding factor used by the Agency to determine its action. I expect the FAA to reject our offer to return to the negotiating table and challenge the judge`s decision to the three FLRA members in the hope of another apple bite. We need to compare the new interim agreement with our current agreement and identify the changes so that members do not have to try to determine the differences themselves. The result will be a package that will be sent to members for use in the ratification process. This week, PASS and the other affiliated unions of the Department of Transportation Commerce (TTD), AFL-CIO, sent a letter to congressional leaders asking lawmakers to adopt a stimulus package this month to support key workers on the front lines of the pandemic, particularly in the transportation sector. “Transportation workers are at the heart of these efforts and have ensured that the goods and people who keep our country healthy go where they need to be.

Now these workers and the wider economy need your help. While PASS members voted overwhelmingly against ratification of the provisional agreement (more than 98% of voting members voted “no”), the FAA continued its ULP against PASS proceedings. Although the indictment was initially dismissed by the FLRA Regional Director in July 2006, the FAA appealed to FLRA`s General Counsel, who upnied the complaint and filed a complaint against PASS. The hearing was held in March 2007 at the FLRA office in Washington. While it is inappropriate to discuss certain issues until a final agreement is reached, we will regularly exchange progress reports to ensure a common understanding of the current state of negotiations by all Tech Ops employees. PASS Brothers and Sisters,Currently, our bargaining team meets with FAA representatives and negotiates a new collective agreement for Tech Ops employees.

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