MSAs, like most standard efforts, are particularly important because they can offer customers a choice between the suppliers from which they purchase products. Freedom of choice is the basis for efficient market functioning. Customers in the market should benefit from several independent suppliers, each competing for market share. This behaviour requires suppliers to be as efficient and creative as possible, reduce costs and offer customers the widest range of options. Some important multi-source agreements for optical transceivers are presented in the table below: Optical transponder devices are both “standardized” by multi-resource agreements (MSAs). These documents define the characteristics of an optical transceiver to enable system providers (for example. B ethernet, router and media converter) to implement ports on their devices so that MSA-compliant optical transceivers (SFPs) can function properly by each supplier. This means that transceivers can be purchased from one of the various sources on the open market, such as FluxLight. MSAs indicate the parameters of system components and their indicative values, such as mechanical dimensions, electrical and optical interfaces, and electromagnetic values. Device manufacturers are attacking MMAs to develop their systems. This ensures interoperability and interchangeability between interface modules.

Products that comply with multi-source agreements include: optical transceurs such as SFP, SFP, XENPAK, QSFP, XFP, CFP, etc.; fibre optic cables and other network devices. . Fill in your data below or click on an icon to log in: We recommend that all these attempts to undermine the value of these standards and undermine the free functioning of the marketplace be vigorously rejected by consumers. Given that there are many excellent possibilities, network operators in particular should avoid purchasing optical transceurs directly from systems providers who are attempting such a tactic. One of the reasons is to save money. System providers use these tactics primarily to protect their very high prices. The second reason is to support and promote the creation and compliance of standards, while repressing attempts to undermine them. В том числе многомодовое волокно OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4. . Соглашение с несколькими источниками (MSA) – это соглашение между несколькими производителями о создании продуктов, совместимых между поставщиками, действующее как стандарты де-факто, создающее конкурентный рынок для совместимых продуктов.

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