There was a curious aspect of the situation: no one – well, no one had signed a confidentiality agreement or accepted a press embargo – knew what the company was building. The stealth in-company mode is when a startup or an existing company launches a new offer in order to keep it as secret as possible before the actual start-up. Startups that opt for this mode can even go so far as to contain internal and external stakeholders in order to prevent the anticipated rejection of the concept or idea. This is both for the supposed usefulness of the press and for consumers. VSC worked on PR for Coin, another Bay Area startup that recently got off to a very successful start. It was a success in stealth mode. On the day of the launch, dozens of messages appeared in technology and even traditional media about the product created by Coin: a single credit card that could store up to eight credit cards and be used as such. The sale of the product immediately increased – more than 1,000 sold in an hour – although it was not really produced and was not in the hands of a consumer. In 2008, Danielle Cassley, of the consulting firm Red Bird Studios, opted for stealth at an online gaming company that no longer existed and that she had co-founded.

When it was put on the market, she says, the significant influx of customers and the market was lacking. When an entire company is in stealth mode, it can try to mislead the public about its true business goals. For example, there may be code names to its pending products. [2] It may operate a corporate website that does not disclose its personnel or location. New companies can operate under a temporary “stealth” name that does not disclose their business. To enforce clandestine behavior, companies often require employees to sign confidentiality agreements and strictly control who can talk to the media. [2] Not all entrepreneurs want to attract public attention. Many believe in privacy in the early days and work hard until success makes the noise. Most of these entrepreneurs who love data protection operate in stealth mode.

A stealth startup is a young startup that works in a temporary state of confidentiality, in order to avoid public attention, to be invisible to its competitors and/or to hide information. 2. Press possibilities pass. Some founders fear that stealth will turn a blind eye to the press on its startups. If I don`t say everything, they accept, journalists won`t bother to cover my case. .

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