The limits change and we receive calls higher than normal calls. Please check the latest advice from the government before the trip. 7.5 24-hour booking requirement – Travel to or from the U.S. Travel Insurance: Air travel is naturally uncertain. The safety of our passengers and crew is our priority. Sometimes we have to delay or cancel your flight for reasons such as natural disasters, bad weather, technical reasons and others. If you are travelling for specific purposes, you should carefully evaluate your travel plans and ensure that you consider a lot of extra time when booking in the event of a disruption. Travel can result in many risks to the health and safety of a passenger and a possible liability for issuing. Subject to applicable laws, our liability to passengers is limited under these conditions. We strongly advise you to take out insurance to cover you in such circumstances, including to cover any losses you may suffer if, for any reason, you are unable to travel on your scheduled travel date. “Customer Compensation Directive” refers to our remuneration policy in the Compensation Directive, which has been amended from time to time and published on our website. The Customer Compensation Directive applies to all passengers travelling from the United States, with the exception of passengers; “Customer Contact Centre” refers to our call centre for booking and guest service. Phone numbers for the guest contact centre are published on our website; IATA, the International Air Transport Association; “International Long Haul,” flights from Virgin Australia International; “International Short Haul,” flights made or marketed by Virgin Australia International or Virgin Australia (SE Asia); “international travel,” international transportation within the meaning of the agreement and includes any Australian domestic flight that is part of an international trip; “itinerary,” the document that we or our authorized agents provide to you and which contains your flights with Virgin Australia; “laws,” the laws of each nation applicable to your trip with Virgin Australia; losses, damages, costs or expenses, including consecutive or indirect losses, savings losses, business opportunities, revenue, profit and/or damage caused by value; “medical registration form,” the form you must complete if you meet one of the categories of persons specified in the medical clearance guidelines; “Medical Diversion Guidelines,” guidelines for customers travelling on flights to virgin Australia, suffering from illness or illness and published on our website; “paper ticket,” a note printed on banknote paper and containing flight vouchers; “room limit,” the room limit for your checked baggage, determined by your fare and reference status and indicated in the fare rules and on our website; The “guidelines” refer to Virgin Australia`s guidelines for various aspects of travel, including baggage, dangerous goods, medical assistance guidelines, after-sales service plan, customer compensation rules and transportation guidelines for customers in need of special support.

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