In addition, you can check the status of your company`s verification by clicking the “View Partner Profile” link on the Overview page of the dashboard. If your confirmation status is Rejected, you`ll see which step caused the rejection, with information to resolve. If you still have questions, you can contact support. All Cloud Solution Provider partners (including indirect vendors, indirect resellers, and direct billing partners) can sign the AMP online on Partner Center. Direct billing partners and indirect providers operating in the government cloud can also sign the AMP in Partner Center. For more information about the Microsoft Partner Agreement and how it makes it easier for partners to do business with Microsoft, see these frequently asked questions. If the status of the MPN program is Rejected/Rejected or Pending, account verification failed. Read Verification Process to learn how to resolve the verification issue. As part of this commerce experience, Microsoft continues to evolve its commerce platform to optimize the customer experience, enable partners to expand their influence, and help customers in their digital transformation. On September 1, 2019, the Microsoft Partner Agreement became available in Partner Center for Partner Centers participating in the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program for review and acceptance. It allows the partner to be authorized to complete the transaction and replaces the following agreements: The Microsoft Partner Agreement provides Microsoft partners with a unified, digitally accepted partnership agreement.

The Microsoft Partner Agreement includes a set of perpetual terms that help Microsoft, its partners, and customers support privacy and security, promote compliance, and promote sound business practices. (Note: This applies to cases where the indirect reseller is stuck in the company review process.) The objective is to facilitate the contractual experience and continue to meet the regulatory obligations and expectations of trust of our partners. To achieve these goals, the Microsoft Partner Agreement provides a simpler process for accepting and managing contracts and includes terms that support our commitment to privacy, security, compliance, and transparency. To continue participating in the CSP program, you must sign the Microsoft Partner Agreement by January 31, 2020. The Partner Center reminds you that you can now easily sign the contract from the Partner Center. New Microsoft Partner Agreement for CSP Direct Bill Partners, CSP Indirect Resellers, and CSP Indirect Vendors Important update on mandatory partner security requirements [MFA requirements]: Core policies are removed and replaced with default security values [based on Azure Active Directory], a broader set of protection policies for our customers. Microsoft partners in the Microsoft CSP Partner Channel program will be the first Microsoft partners to work with the new agreement. These include CSP direct billing partners, CSP indirect suppliers, multi-tier partners, and CSP indirect resellers. In short, all Microsoft partners who work in the Microsoft CSP program. The Microsoft Partner Agreement (MPA) is a modular, perpetual agreement that provides the most relevant terms and conditions based on the type of partner and the offers to which partners are eligible. .

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